I take this tasty word from Silvio Lorusso's book "Entreprecariat, everyone is an entrepreneur. Nobody is safe". I haven't read that book but few other articles. Like"The aesthetic of productive anxiety : Silvio Lorusso and the entreprecariat" in Digimag Journal 74. 
Contradictory to what one might believe, the role of being "one's own boss" is the current neoliberal form of social subjectivation. The artist is currently his own "human capital" in being the "entrepreneur of the self". Working is good, working is necessary and working is a way to express and validate yourself.
I feel my jaws acking.
Subjectivity and insecurity (or precarity) are directly interrelated: precarity is subjectivity's (pre)condition.
I depend on you, on a common, something not there, where my voice weave it-self to others.
What does it means to choose precarity?
Where everyone is concerned with becoming themselves, with self-realisation, self-improvement and other self-alienating techniques, attention shifts away from community building, organisation and strengthening of solidarity bonds between individuals.
Waiting to create more solidarities, my "Self" will go on uncoherent mode, actualisation of chaos and random productions.